Illusory Patcher Client

Illusory Patcher Client is a basic software update library. It uses BZip2 compression, and if supported by the operating system takes advantage of files' Last Modified Time to speed up version checking.

Integration is simple. Add PatcherClient to your project's References, and then:

Patcher.Client.PatchManager manager = new Patcher.Client.PatchManager();
bool succeeded = manager.Patch(targetDirectory, patchBaseUrl);

That's all the setup required. Of course, there are a bunch of events one can hook into, but you get the idea. Patch creation software is also included in the archive.

Illusory Patcher Client's license is Zlib-style. SharpZipLib, a dependency, is licensed under the GPL, but with an exception that makes it almost palatable. See here for more information.


Sample Code
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